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"POLAR STAR" is devoted to the problems of strategic analysis and prognostication of socio-political and economic processes in Russia and abroad. "POLAR STAR" develops unique approaches and models for the assessment of the situation on the European continent, using a wide variety of geopolitical and geoeconomical tools. A strong emphasis is placed on subjects dealing with contemporary conflictology, touching on a broad spectrum of political, economic, ethnic, cultural, social, and religious relations.

"POLAR STAR" undertakes constant strategic monitoring of of key international problems and geopolitical zones. It regularly publishes materials touching on questions of international, domestic, and regional geopolitics, and independent critical research, commentary by experts from Europe, United States, CIS, and the Middle East on pressing contemporary issues.

In general, the work of "POLAR STAR" can be structured into the following large blocs:
  • Analysis of the development of main geoeconomic zones: North America, EU, Southeast Asia, Japan, Eurasia. In the context of СIS nations, the main emphasis is placed on the appraisal of the situation in various regions. Research into structural problems of modern economic system and problems of post-industrial society;
  • Political expertise: geopolitical dynamics, practical politics in Russia and abroad (main players, political parties, events); international relations;
  • Research and analysis of defense strategies and resources of main geopolitical players (Military-industrial complex, Armed forces, Military-technical cooperation); questions of security in global, national, and regional aspects; questions of terrorism, extremism, radicalism, their causes and influence on hotspots;
  • Exploration of major political ideologies: theory and history, analysis and prognostication of political-ideological transformations in the contemporary world; interrelationship between Russian politics and world political processes;
  • Exploration of the correlation between ethnic factor and political-economic sphere; exploration of modification of political-economical social models depending on ethnic context;
  • Development of geopolitical and geoeconomic concepts and analytical tools, including original projects.
  • "POLAR STAR" maintains close contacts with European and Asian political centers and analytical institutions.

    "POLAR STAR" offers mutually beneficial cooperation (on the basis of paid consulting, sponsorship, etc.) to interested parties in the following areas:

  • Strategic consulting in economics and politics: development of economic and political situation in major geopolitical zones, Russian Federation, Russian regions; influence of main structural tendencies on economic, social, and political development;
  • Political expert examination: effectiveness of economic programs and ideological platforms and concepts; effectiveness of political strategies; international relations; geopolitical appraisal of tendencies and projects;
  • Risk appraisal: geopolitical and geoeconomic risks; sovereign risks, including using our own model; conflict situation risks (military, ethno-religious, political, and others);
  • Development of economic and political programs and concepts, including preparation for federal and regional election campaigns.
  • Outstanding quality of work is maintained by the professional staff of "POLAR STAR" and collaborating experts.

    Authors and partners:

    Yury ShevtsovDirector of The Center of European Integration Problems of European Humanities University (Minsk, Belarus) and redactor of Portal "European Integration";
    Mikhail DelyaginChair of Institute of Globalization Studies (IPROG) Board and the Institute's director till April 2002. Doctor of economics (IPROG);
    Ivan SafranchukDirector of branch office Center for Defense Information in Russia;
    Dean BakerCo-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR);
    Richard K. BettsPolitical science professor at Columbia University and member of the National Commission on Terrorism;;
    Henri de Grossouvre Editor-in-Chief of Paris-Berlin-Moscou analytical magazine;
    Sabine Rosenbladt Executive Editor of Internationale Politik Transatlantic Edition

    and others...

    "POLAR STAR" is interested in active collaboration with public, private, scientific, and commercial structures on the basis of mutually beneficial conditions with the goal of securing financial support for the widening of the scope of its activities and intensification of research.



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    (Chief of Military & Defence Department)

    Victor Olevich   [olevich@zvezda.ru]
    (Chief of USA and Canada Department)

    Boris Karpov   [parisien@zvezda.ru]
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